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Our Brand


NeeshaValore Designs is a Ready to wear clothing brand that specializes in sophisticated and chic clothing for women. Our clothes are designed for the women that want to be comfy while still chic and trendy. Shop our ready made pieces or get something custom made by the designer. 

Satisfaction Guarantee


We guarantee that you will love what NeeshaValore Designs offers. From Consultation dates, to fittings, we take pride in provide exemplary services to our clients. Be sure to think of us when you need a custom fit for your upcoming event.

What We Offer


We create garments for all types of occasions. We can create birthday looks, formal events (excludes wedding dresses) swimsuits, and so much more. Book a consultation appointment today!



We accept all donations! Your donations will help take NeeshaValore Designs to the next level. Often times we get clients that may not fit our trendy and makers clothes, but still what to support. This is your option to do just that!

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