Processing orders take up to 2-3 business days, orders normally ship after order has been processed. Orders are not processed on Sundays.
You will receive tracking information as soon as the item has been received by the post office

We create all of our custom garments in our studio. We do not duplicate other designers work. We will suggest design alternatives and use your photos as inspiration but you WILL NOT receive an exact replica. You can schedule fittings and consultations through the appointment link. Please note, consultations require a fee, fittings do not. 

We will work collectively to create your custom design the way you want. Schedulded fittings are crucial to a successful garment completion. Please schedule your fittings accordingly! Please be on time to any meet ups scheduled between you and the designer. Late fees will be applied after a 30min no show time interval. If there are more questions that you need answered, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help

We offer out of state & overseas shipping

Yes! Shipping will be an extra charge depending on the weight of your garment. We do accept long distance clients. You will still book a consultation and we will discuss everything that you would need to know.

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