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Do you need a entire new wardrobe? Has your style completely evolved and you need to showcase it? Book your styling session now! Plus all consultations come with a free gift 🎁

Dyne'esha will meet with you either in person or via Face Time to discuss personal style, your shape and shopping budget. It’s the job of the stylist to make sure you feel comfortable and good in your clothes! That’s what Dyne'esha is hear for! 

Dyne'esha is a visual Merchandiser at Macy’s where she styles mannequins, runways and people who come through her location. She’s styled models during fashion shows and personal clients. She's also styled for photo shoots for NeeshaValore Designs. Just recently she's been featured on TV for Local Memphis Live to share the latest trends at Macy’s. She handpicked each of the model’s looks. Dyne'esha will build a wardrobe for you that will not need their constant guidance, she'll give you the tools you need to be able to wake up every morning, and dress with confidence knowing that you look great.

Link to Dyne'esha's Macy's Style Ambassador Page

Link to Dyne'esha's Fashion Portfolio

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